Undergraduate Programs

An undergraduate student is someone who has completed their High School Diploma and is interested in earning an Associate Degree (two-year training) or a Bachelor of Science (BSc).
The Office of Educational Affairs is in charge of planning / organizing education programs, including management of the curriculum, evaluation and assessment through examinations, scheduling classes / labs / workshops, and any other similar educational tasks.

Graduate Programs
A graduate student is a student who has already completed an undergraduate degree and is pursuing additional education to obtain a Master of Science (MSc), Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), or other postgraduate qualifications such as certificates and professional degrees.
During your graduate studies, you will receive administrative and educational support from the Office of Educational Affairs to conduct your research. The Office of Educational Affairs will ensure that you register for courses on time, are fully engaged with different stakeholders at the university to facilitate the process for your research / thesis / defense and enrollment in clinical rotations.

Official transcripts

Applicants must submit their final transcript, which includes your final semester's marks and evidence that you have completed your degree. If you have completed studies from a number of post-secondary institutions, you will need to submit a final transcript from each institution at which you studied.

Grade Point Average

We use GPA (Grade Point Average) measurement system. The minimum acceptable high school diploma GPA for applicants to IUMS is 3.00.


On scale of 20
90 – 100
3.5 - 4.0
18 - 20
80 – 89
2.5 - 3.49
16 - 18
70 – 79
1.5 - 2.49
13 -16

Language Requirements
Classes during the first 2 years of the program are offered in English, but the remainder of health care professional programs (from the third year onwards) will be held in Persian.
The language of instruction at IUMS for international students is English, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. However, since some heath care majors and programs require students to interact with patients who speak Persian, learning Persian could be mandatory for students in those programs. These students are often health care professional students (pursuing MD, PharmD, DDS or Nursing degrees). However, it is ultimately the Admissions Office which will determine which students require Persian or remedial English courses, and whether they are recommended or mandatory for that student.
Language Academy at IUMS International College is in charge of teaching Persian to IUMS international students. The University might decide to present English courses to IUMS students, staff and faculty members, or outsource it depending on demand each semester, while maintaining overall supervision on the content and quality of courses offered.

English language Test Scores
The minimum English language requirement from the TOEFL and IELTS scores are noted below.
However, if an applicant is a strong candidate, the Admissions Committee will determine whether s/he may be granted conditional acceptance and recommend completion of additional language courses prior to or during their first semester at IUMS.
This information will be noted in your admission letter

TOEFL iBT Score → Minimum 64/120
High: 22-30 Medium: 15-21 Low: 0-14
High: 22-30 Medium: 14-22 Low: 0-13
Good: 26-30 Fair: 18-25 Limited: 10-17 Weak: 0-16
Good: 24-30 Fair: 17-23 Limited: 1-16 Zero: 0





IELTS Score → Minimum 5
Band score
Skill level
Band 9
Expert user
Band 8
Very good user
Band 7
Good user
Band 6
Competent user
Band 5
Modest user
Band 4
Limited user
Band 3
Extremely limited user



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