School of Advanced Technologies in Medicine

The School of Advanced Technologies in Medicine at Iran University of Medical Sciences was established in 2009. The school offers postgraduate programs in master's degrees, specialized doctorates, and postdoctoral studies in fields such as neuroscience, tissue engineering, molecular medicine, medical nanotechnology, cell therapy, cellular and applied sciences, molecular imaging, and other innovative approaches.


The school aims to educate practitioners who can use new technologies to successfully diagnose and treat diseases by focusing on interdisciplinary sciences and breaking the boundaries of knowledge. The main focus of the studies in this school is technology. Faculty members and students are committed to designing and implementing theses and research projects with a technological approach.


The researchers of this school have published most of their research results in the most prestigious international journals. These publications can compete with the scientific productions of the most prestigious scientific centers in the world.


Dr. Mohammad Taghi Joghtaei is the current Dean of the school.


  School of Advanced Technologies in Medicine


Faculty professors

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