School of Medicine

The School of Medicine was established through the merger of Ayatollah Taleghani Medical Complex and Iran Medical Center. Iran Medical Center began enrolling medical students with a bachelor's degree in 1975, while Ayatollah Taleghani Medical Complex operated under the name of the “Medical Education Complex ofThe Red Lion and Sun Society of Iran” before the Islamic Revolution in 1978.



In 1986, when the law of establishing the Ministry of Health and Medical Education was drafted and the related ministry was formed, Ayatollah Taleghani Medical Complex merged with Iran Medical Center to form the School of Medicine at Iran University of Medical Sciences.


The school has twelve basic science education departments and approximately one hundred faculty members who teach basic science to medical students. They also train about 450 post-graduate students, including 250 master's students and 190 specialized doctorate students. Furthermore, 28 clinical training groups with over 550 faculty members provide their training at various levels of internship to subspecialty in educational and treatment centers.


The School of Medicine affiliated with the Iran University of Medical Sciences educates more than 1,600 students in general medicine, 1,150 in the specialty, 100 in the subspecialty, and 132 in the fellowship levels.


Dr. Seyed Morteza Baghri serves as the Dean of the school.


  Faculty of Medicine University of Iran


Faculty professors

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