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Fresh Perspectives from the Third Neurotalk Event in Neuroscience

331326.mp3 Fresh Perspectives from the Third Neurotalk Event in Neuroscience

The third Neurotalk event, organized by the Office of the Vice President for International Affairs at Iran University of Medical Sciences (IUMS), aimed to foster the integration of science and practice for a healthier society. Held on April 15, 2024, at the International Razi Conference Center, the event saw the attendance of professors, scholars, and students.


During the event, Dr. Mehdi Moghtadaei, the International Vice President of IUMS, stressed the significance of neuroscience as an interdisciplinary field and underscored the importance of innovative medical technologies.


Subsequently, Dr. Seyed Behnamedin Jamei, the Director of the Neuroscience Research Center at IUMS, highlighted the importance of brain science and the historical value of understanding the human brain. He also discussed the challenges within neuroscience, emphasizing its interdisciplinary nature and the persisting unresolved questions in the field despite past initiatives such as the Decade of the Brain (1990-2000).


The event provided a platform for researchers and scholars in this field to showcase their work.

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