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Yaftabad Hospital is a public general medical center. In 1971, the late Mohammadvali Faramanfarmaeian bestowed this hospital to the people of the region for provision of healthcare services. From an aerial view, this hospital has four separate buildings, which are scattered horizontally. The hospital is located in the southwest of Tehran, District 18, and Area 3. The total area of ​​the land is 25,000 square meters with 13,000 square meters building area.

In 1971, the hospital was bestowed by late Mohammadvali Faramanfarmaeian.
In 1975, the hospital began working as a rehabilitation center for addicts under supervision of the Iranian Rehabilitation Association. It had two divisions for addicts and psychiatry and taught different skills to healing patients.

In 1979, it became a general hospital under supervision of the Regional Health Organization of Tehran Province.
In 1984 and 1985, special wards were opened for wounded soldiers due to the need to care for veterans with spinal injuries.
In 1994, the Iran University of Medical Sciences took over the hospital and care of veterans with spinal injuries was handed over to the Foundation of Martyrs and Veterans.
In 1995 and 1996, the coronary and intensive care units were opened.
In 2003, the Hemodialysis Department began to work.
In 2007, the Burn Treatment Department was launched.
In 2009, the hospital opened its respiratory isolation room.


Providing diagnostic, treatment, and care services safely and with proper quality, especially disaster and accident treatment services, modern services for childbirth, and burn medical cares.


Excellency in providing general clinical services, modern childbirth services, and accident and burn treatment services among southwest hospitals of Tehran

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