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Shafa Yahyaian Hospital

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The hospital was founded in 1927 in District 12 of Tehran. Its founder, Ms. Zivar Shafa Yahyaian, bestowed it to the Ministry of Health. However, since the building was old and worn-out, the benefactor herself purchased surrounding lands and bestowed them to the ministry in order to establish a well-equipped hospital.

The hospital was constructed by the former Ministry of Health in an area of 10,300 square meters with a building area of 9,475 square meters and was used for treating, rehabilitating, and supporting people with disabilities. It has been serving patients under supervision of Rehabilitation Association during 1970-1979, the Regional Health Organization of Tehran Province during 1979-1981, the Welfare Organization during 1981-1984, the Iran University of Medical Sciences and Health Services during 1985-2009, the Tehran University of Medical Sciences during 2009-2013, and the Iran University of Medical Sciences and Health Services since 2013. 

As a single-specialty orthopedic hospital and the first fellowship center for hand and spine, the hospital has 250 licensed and 160 inpatient beds with a 75% occupancy rate. With a workforce of 344 people, the hospital works in a 6-floor building with an ER, two Men’s Ward (1 and 2), a Women’s Ward, a set of Operating Rooms, an ICU, and a Children’s and Infants’ Ward.


We are determined to be the best specialized and subspecialized orthopedics center in the Middle East.


As an academic center in the specialized and subspecialized orthopedics and rehabilitation fields, this hospital provides orthopedic diagnostic and treatment services with the help of the elite of the medical community and advanced technology while training Medicine and Paramedics students and residents.

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