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Shahid Akbarabadi Hospital

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This hospital was founded in December 1940 as an institution for supporting mothers, newborns, pregnant women, and the poor. However, in March 1941, it was opened as a thirty-bed maternity hospital in Monirieh St., Tehran.

In early 1943, the hospital was moved to Pastor St. and its number of beds increased to 50. The hospital continued its work by opening a twenty-bed nursery center nearby and receiving funds from benefactors and charity organizations.

The name of the hospital changed into Akbarabadi in accordance with the resolution dated 9/02/1981, issued by the board of the Regional Health Organization of Tehran province. It is worth mentioning that Mohammad Ali Takyeh Akbarabadi was a utility worker of the hospital who was martyred in Konjunchem Mountains on 12/26/1981.

On 01/20/1982, the Shahid Akbarabady Maternity Hospital was handed over to the eastern division of the Regional Health Organization of Tehran Province. It was then handed over to the Iran University of Medical Sciences, following the establishment of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education and based on a joint meeting dated 08/04/1986 between the chancellor of the university and the director of the Regional Health Organization of Tehran Province. The hospital continues to function as an educational and treatment center ever since.

At present, the midwifery and obstetric department of this hospital is approved by the Ministry of Health for four-year obstetric residency training. The hospital is considered to be the largest specialized center in these fields.

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