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School of Rehabilitation Sciences of Iran University of Medical Sciences is the oldest internationally recognized rehabilitation faculty in Iran. Having eight educational groups, it is currently known as a rehabilitation hub in Iran. The majors include physiotherapy, occupational therapy, prostheses and auxiliary aids, audiometry, optometry, speech therapy, rehabilitation management, and basic sciences. The school commonly offers bachelor, master, and doctorate degrees in most majors. In addition to educational activities, School
or Rehabilitation Sciences with active clinics aims at providing rehabilitation services to meet community needs through research and science production.


School of Rehabilitation Sciences of Iran University of Medical Sciences, as the oldest academic center in Iran in terms of admitting students and educating experts in various fields of rehabilitation science, is seeking to excel its top position to achieve the highest qualitative and quantitative education (theoretical, practical, and clinical) and research levels. It will help to increase the health of the community. It makes its best efforts to provide prevention and rehabilitation services in the fields of physical, mental, auditory, visual, and speech and language disorders with global standards to become the scientific and clinical hub of rehabilitation in Iran and region. It also tries to achieve a top scientific ranking among academic centers of the region and the world.


  1. Training competent specialized human resource in different fields of rehabilitation science based on the principles of responsible teaching (educational).
  2. Establishment of continuous master degrees (general professional doctorate) in rehabilitation majors (educational)
  3. Development of knowledge and technology in different fields of rehabilitation science at all levels of education (educational-research)
  4. Development of rehabilitation science in new areas by creating new graduate degrees (educational).
  5. Achieving global standards in provision of educational and therapeutic services (educational-service provision)
  6. Development and dissemination of specialized and general resources for rehabilitation majors (research)
  7. Promoting the professional knowledge of rehabilitation graduates
  8. Research development with a social accountability approach (research)
  9. Achievement of executive standards in educational-therapeutic clinics of rehabilitation science and establishment of treatment deputy (rehabilitation) (provision of services)
  10. Development of community-centered rehabilitation services (provision of services)
  11. Development of teamwork rehabilitation services (provision of services)
  12. Achievement of a proper advisory and supervisory status for the rehabilitation school at treatment deputy of medical universities and the Ministry of Health.
  13. Development of scientific communications with foreign universities (educational-research)
  14. Achievement of a world-class scientific management system for optimal use of all forces and facilities in the school.
  15. Strengthening the status of rehabilitation in the health system (provision of services)

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School of Rehabilitation Sciences, Iran University of Medical Sciences, Maddadkaran St., Shahid Nazari St., Mother Square, Mirdamad Blvd, School of Rehabilitation Sciences, Iran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran.

Tel: (+98 21) 2222 2059​,(+98 21) 2222 7124
 (+98 21) 2222 0946

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