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School of Advanced Technologies in Medicine

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The School of Advanced Technologies in Medicine of Iran University of Medical Sciences was established based on the Supreme Leader’s edict to move towards the realization of an economic epic, his emphasis on the need to push the boundaries of science, and with reference to Iran’s 20-Year Perspective Document (Vision 2025) and the academic strategy of Iran University of Medical Sciences modeled upon the strategies adopted by other distinguished international academic institutes. The school offers graduate programs (M.Sc., Ph.D., and PostDoc) in neuroscience, tissue engineering, molecular medicine, medical nanotechnology, cell therapy, applied cell sciences, and other advanced scientific fields.

Clearly, knowledge-producing centers seeking to develop products that contribute to the realization of clinical goals and promotion of health within society can prepare a proper ground for the promotion of applied and technological research and, consequently, boost the process of achieving excellence in different specialized scientific fields. At the same time, the center’s emphasis on teamwork plays a significant role in fostering the culture of collaboration between those involved in clinical medicine and scholars of basic medical sciences. This will help Iran University of Medical sciences achieve dynamism at the international level, while maintaining its excellence and leadership at the national level. Such circumstances can encourage managers of different industries to employ the results of research in their production processes, change the view of higher-level decision-makers towards the concept of entrepreneurship, and result in reconsideration of grading mechanism used for the evaluation of faculty, students, departments, and schools, moving from a research-centered approach to an approach based on originality of technological research.

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