School of Behavioral Sciences and Mental Health


The Tehran Institute of Psychiatry was established in 1977 as the “Education Center for Residents” with a mission to coordinate all components of mental health across the country, develop psychiatric services, and educate specialized human resources.


In 1979, the center was renamed the Tehran Institute of Psychiatry and became part of the Regional Health Organization of Tehran Province. In 1986, it became one of the schools of Iran University of Medical Sciences.


Since 1997, the Tehran Institute of Psychiatry has been recognized as a joint collaborating center of the World Health Organization in mental health. Since 2001, the Ministry of Health, Treatment, and Medical Education has recognized it as the scientific hub of psychiatry and clinical psychology in the country.


In 2012, the institute was promoted to the School of Behavioral Sciences and Mental Health with the approval of the Development Council of the Ministry of Health. The school educates psychiatry specialists and clinical psychologists at two master's and doctorate levels. It is implementing national plans and pioneering the integration of mental health in the primary health care system in line with the policies of the country's health system.


The School of Behavioral Sciences and Mental Health has specialized and subspecialized educational clinics that provide services to the public.


Dr. Mohammad Reza Pirmoradi is the current Dean of the school.