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Welcome Ceremony for the IUMS New Int'l Students

10508.mp3 Welcome Ceremony for the IUMS New Int'l Students

International students gathering of Iran University of Medical Sciences (IUMS) was held at Razi International Conference Center with the presence of students, faculty members, and guests from the embassies of India, Iraq, and Afghanistan, on Sunday, December 04, 2022.

In this ceremony, held with the presence of some members of the IUMS board of directors, deans of schools, and Vice President for International Affairs and the Head of International Campus of the university, Dr. Pazouki, the IUMS president first congratulated the international students on the occasion of their addition to the university and welcomed the new students, and noted that “The future of your nation and land is in your hands and know that the way to salvation is in honesty and righteousness.” He further added that “Islam and science have a deep bond that guarantees the happiness of humanity for any growth and development. The presence of these two important things together is necessary.”

Then, appreciating and thanking the guests and students for their presence, Dr. Moghtadaei, the Vice President of International Affairs and Head of the International Campus of the University presented a report on the process of recruiting and training international students and stated that the university has always been considered as a center of thought and intellectual excitement in the society, and in this regard each member of the university community is supposed to move in the direction of scientific and cultural dynamism by creating an atmosphere with vitality.

In his speech, Dr. Abdolvahab Baradaran, the IUMS Vice President for Students and Cultural Affairs, welcomed the students and asked them to participate actively in the fields of cultural, camps, and sports programs, as well as the student counseling center.

Moreover, the best international students in the fields of science, culture, and sports were awarded a “Letter of Commendation,” in the presence of Dr. Ghasemi, the IUMS Vice President for Education, and Dr. Moghtadaei and his deputies for education, financial and administrative affairs, and student and cultural affairs.

At the end of the ceremony, Dr. Eftekhari, the Deputy Vice President for Education, and her experts answered the students’ questions regarding educational, students, cultural and consular affairs.

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