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White Coat Ceremony of Dental Students Held at IUMS

21285.mp3 White Coat Ceremony of Dental Students Held at IUMS

The White Coat Ceremony for dental students took place at the Razi Conference Center of Iran University of Medical Sciences on Sunday, Oct. 7, 2023. The ceremony was organized by the Deputy of International Cultural and Student Affairs of the International Campus and the School of Dentistry.


With enthusiastic participation from the students, esteemed guests including Dr. Moghtadaei, the Vice President for International Affairs and Head of the International Campus, Dr. Samimi, the new Dean of the School of Dentistry, and Dr. Samiari, the former Dean of the School, delivered recommendations regarding the philosophy of the white coat, the role of dentists, and the importance of commitment to patients and colleagues.


Furthermore, the student music group "Saba" performed beautiful pieces for the attendees. Afterward, the students benefited from the "Hot Seat" program, where they shared memories and words of wisdom from their professors.


The ceremony concluded with the recitation of the oath and a group photo of the white-coated students.

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