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Supporting Patient Self-Care Ideas Using Artificial Intelligence

37776.mp3 Supporting Patient Self-Care Ideas Using Artificial Intelligence

The president of Iran University of Medical Sciences has announced support for the presentation of ideas in the field of intelligent patient self-care assistants using artificial intelligence. This announcement comes ahead of an academic event scheduled for November 8th.


Dr. Abdolreza Pazouki, speaking at a press conference, highlighted the significance of artificial intelligence in various aspects of human life. The university has an artificial intelligence officer in all scientific fields and recognizes the potential of AI in healthcare and self-care. The university has also emphasized the importance of prevention in healthcare during recent discussions with the Ministry of Health.


Dr. Pazouki emphasized the importance of self-care in prolonging life and preventing diseases. Artificial intelligence can play a crucial role in this area. The upcoming academic event will focus on the ideas and applications of patient self-care using artificial intelligence.

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