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Access to African Markets in Education via Ghana Gateway

Access to African Markets in Education via Ghana Gateway

11320.mp3 Access to African Markets in Education via Ghana Gateway

To negotiate with the government, Ministry of Health, and the other related organizations of Ghana, Dr. Masoud Maleki Birjandi, Director of International Development of Iran University of Medical Sciences, made a visit to Ghana on December 11, 2022. In his 2-week visit, Dr. Maleki discussed health-oriented collaboration, in accordance with the general document signed between the two governments, and made negotiations with the Islamic University officials to finalize the executive cooperation agreement between the two universities, to sign a memorandum of understanding on cooperation with the University of Ghana, Tamale Campus, and to conduct a feasibility study and draft a justification plan for the establishment of a branch of the Iran University of Medical Sciences in Ghana.


Dr. Maleki visited the Tamale Campus in the northern Ghana and made comprehensive discussions with the university officials. The memorandum of understanding proposed by Iran University of Medical Sciences was signed by Tamaleh University. In this memorandum of understanding, the axes of cooperation between the two universities were determined and that both sides decided to submit their proposals after a short period of time for its implementation.


Meetings held with the officials of Ghana:

  1. Meeting with the President of the University for Development Studies (UDS) in Tamale in northern Ghana and visiting the university
  2. Meeting with the Board of the university as well as the Dean of the School of Nursing and Midwifery and School of Imaging of the UDS
  3. Meeting with the head of G. Tech Organization
  4. Meeting with the International Deputy of the Minister of Health (two times)
  5. Visiting with the Iranian Ambassador to Ghana on three occasions
  6. Meeting and negotiating with the President of the Islamic University (two times)


Measures taken:

  1. Signing a memorandum of understanding with the UDS
  2. Carrying out feasibility studies for establishing an IUMS branch in Ghana
  3. Budgeting and setting up the economic justification plan of the project
  4. Looking for an investment business partner to establish a university
  5. Activation of health tourism with Ghana


Issues presented by the IUMS representative:

  1. Introducing the IUMS and its position inside Iran and in the Middle East and global rankings
  2. Education and training of human resources in all fields of health, at all levels, in all forms possible
  3. The IUMS will investigate the possibility of establishing and equipping an IUMS branch as a private sector at Tamaleh University if the space and building are provided.
  4. The IUMS can independently establish schools of the discussed fields at postgraduate levels if the building with 1000 square meters is allocated to the IUMS after its completion.


Viewpoints presented by the Head of G. Tech Organization:

  1. Your project is fully coordinated with Ghana's strategic plans
  2. We want Ghana to become a reputable center in West Africa in the future
  3. Health tourism is important to us and we would like, in the future, patients to come to Ghana for rare treatments
  4. Considering students’ admission, the demand has always exceeded our capacity, and your project can help the Ghanaian government and people in this regard.


Opinions exchanged in meetings with the International Deputy of the Minister of Health:

  1. Health tourism
  2. Students exchange
  3. Establishment of an IUMS branch in Ghana
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