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Vice-Chancellor for Social Affairs

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Vice-Chancellor for Social Affairs of the Iran University of Medical Sciences
Seyed Ali Javad Moosavi, MD



The Vice-Chancellor’s Office for Social Affairs of the Iran University of Medical Sciences was established in line with the policies and under the supervision of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education in order to utilize the massive capacity of public participation in healthcare and to implement Paragraph 11 of the Macro Health Policies issued by the Supreme Leader. These policies are concerned with increasing awareness, accountability, ability, and active structured participation at individual, family and society levels in providing, maintaining and promoting health by means of cultural and educational institutions and Iranian media.
Management of social capacities of the healthcare sector in the regions covered by the university and directing them in line with development and promotion of the healthcare system through organizing, developing and supporting charitable organizations and NGOs, as well as effective communication with the inter-sectoral departments and intra-sectoral organizations are among activities this Vice-Chancellor’s Office is tasked with.

Hopefully, this will be achieved through cooperation and synergy of all thinkers, faculty members, managers, and university staff and students, as well as constructive interaction with intragovernmental organizations, NGOs and charitable institutes active in healthcare affairs.


Providing, maintaining and improving the health of the community covered by the Iran University of Medical Sciences through identifying social determinants of health, attracting participation of the public, NGOs and benefactors in the policy making, planning and implementation of health interventions, developing intra-institutional cooperation in line with sustainable development, socializing the healthcare system, ensuring equal access to healthcare services, and reducing social harms.


Socialization of the healthcare system, appropriate response to needs of the target community and customers, equal access of various social classes in the region covered by the Iran University of Medical Sciences to the highest level of healthcare standards, so that the Vice-Chancellor’s Office for Social Affairs becomes a successful national model for other Iranian medical universities.

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