Iran University of Medical Sciences- Vice-Chancellor for Food and Drug
Vice-Chancellor for Food and Drug

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Vice-Chancellor for Food and Drug of the Iran University of Medical Sciences
Mehran Velaei, Ph.D.
Graduated from Tehran University of Medical Sciences, School of Pharmacy
Field of study: Pharmacy



  • Promoting public health

  • Improving food security

  • Increasing client satisfaction

  • Developing relevant applied research


  • Improving the quality and quantity of medicine, food and cosmetic services

  • Improving quality-related technical skills

  • Reinforcing research and improving the quality of the communication system

  • Implementing a monitoring, supervision and assessment system

  • Delegating certain administrative affairs and decentralizing the food and drug sectors


  • Promoting the safety of food, health and cosmetic products

  • Developing and establishing quality systems in food and cosmetic manufacturing plants

  • Improving quality control laboratories in food and cosmetic manufacturing plants

  • Establishing a central reference lab for food and drug control

  • Distributing pharmaceutical services across affiliated centers in an equitable manner

  • Promoting the culture of rational prescription and use of medications

  • Organizing, making provision for, and conducting educational, informational and research activities to promote public health in the areas of food and drug

  • Reducing the number of violations in the area of drug, food and cosmetic and health products

  • Meeting public expectations and improving satisfaction levels

Contact Information

Postal Address:
Vice-Chancellor’s Office for Food and Drug, No. 60, after 37th Alley, end of Alvand St., Argentina Sq., Tehran, Iran.

Tel: (+98 21) 88777674
Fax: (+98 21) 88195434


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