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Tehran Psychiatric Institute was established in 1978 under the name of the Residency Training Center. It conducted educational, research, and treatment programs aimed at coordinating all components of mental health throughout the country, developing psychiatric services, and training highly-skilled workforce in the fields of psychiatry, clinical psychology, and other branches of mental health. Its initial goals consisted of the following:

  1. Training human resources at different levels of specialization to meet the needs of the country in the areas of mental health, treatment, and psychiatric education,

  2. General education planning in mental health,

  3. Implementation of psychiatric training programs for the Ministry of Health,

  4. Running a variety of retraining programs at different levels,

  5. Conducting basic research on psychiatric disorders and mental health,

  6. Establishment and development of the National Psychiatric Library of Iran

Following the 1979 Islamic Revolution leading to social developments throughout the country and organizational changes in the Ministry of Health, the center was renamed to Tehran Psychiatric Institute and continued its operation under the auspices of the Tehran Province Regional Health Organization. Later, it became a subsidiary of the Ministry of Health Education and Research Center, and following the university mergers of 1986, it was turned into one of the branches of the Iran University of Medical Sciences and Health Services. In light of its extensive work in the field of mental health, Tehran Psychiatric Institute was selected as a WHO Collaborating Center (WHOCC) in 1997; a collaboration that has been extended for four consecutive terms. It was nominated by Vice-Chancellor’s Office for Education and Academic Affairs of the Ministry of Health as the “scientific hub of psychiatry and clinical psychology” in early 2001 in acknowledgment of its extensive research into mental health and its cadre of highly-accomplished scientists involved in education, research, and treatment. As a 36-year old national mental health institute, Tehran Psychiatric Institute has always been a comprehensive center of education, research, and specialized and subspecialized mental health services in Iran. It has also been known as the hub of psychiatry and clinical psychology and a partner organization to the WHO in Iran and the Middle East. In 2012, it was promoted to the status of a university school and renamed to “School of Behavioral Sciences and Mental Health” with the approval of the Council for the Development of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education. In its new structure, it comprises five vice-chancelleries (education, research, international affairs, cultural and student affairs, administration and finance). In line with the policy of educational development, the School has put the establishment of new mental health education programs on its agenda. In addition to offering MSc and PhD degree programs in psychiatry and clinical psychology, it has also implemented national plans and spearheaded the campaign to incorporate mental health in the primary health care system of Iran in line with national health system policies. At the moment, the School is a renowned policy advisor in Iran and provides educational and advisory services in the Middle East. The School of Behavioral Sciences and Mental Health has fully-equipped specialized mental health clinics. In addition to offering public services, it is trusted by legal institutions and utilizes its facilities to train clinical psychologists and specialized assistants. According to the Five-Year Strategic Plan of 2011-2015, the School must become the leading scientific authority and policy advisor in Iran and the region in the areas of science and technology, education and research in the field of psychiatry, clinical psychology, and mental health as set forth in the Holistic Scientific Map of Iran.

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