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Field Hospital

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Field Hospital


The climate, geography, and geology make Iran one of the world’s top ten disaster-prone countries in terms of the frequency of unexpected events. 31 kinds of a total 40 types of worldwide natural disasters have been recorded in the history of this country.

Therefore, health care systems and the creation of field hospitals play an important role in decreasing the effects of these disasters. Due to the lack of access to adequate health care services, the rate of death from severe physical injuries is intensified in natural disasters.

In 2008, Iran University of Medical Sciences established a field hospital for the first time. This 50-bed hospital provides relief in different critical conditions and is also applicable in performing preparation and presentation maneuvers of services in remote areas.

For finding the location of settlement of field hospitals in high risk areas, available information such as topography, access roads, health facilities and livelihood potential, adverse effects on the environment, exploitation of natural resources, political, social, etc. is required.

Hospital area and bed capacity are determined in each ward according to initial forecasts related to the position. The advantages of field hospital are providing accurate medical services for victims, preventing the high cost of sending manpower over long distances, and promoting the benefits of health care services; however, mobility standards and the ability to comply hospital facilities with the settlement condition and reliability of using emergency medical services are the important points in these hospitals. Therefore, essential steps to promote standardization are being implementing.



- Codify standards of services and operating of field hospital in order to make policies in the field of crisis management

- Represent local model to organize resource management in a mobile and field hospital

- Increase cost-effectiveness and efficiency of services

- Strengthen the control mechanism of operation at the local, nationals and university levels

- Convert value system of organization to operational objectives in the field of mobile hospitals


Departments :

Inpatient Department

Male 1& 2, Female 1&2, ICU, NICU, ICW, Surgery, Operating Room, Delivery

Para Clinic

Radiology, Ultrasound, Laboratory, Blood Banking, Pharmacy


Consulting services for referring patient, Support office, Health Services, Frig, Fuel Tank, other facilities


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