Knowledge Translation

 | Post date: 2017/06/18 | 

Our center is trying to identify the barriers of knowledge transfer and perform the strategies to improve the situation by using Knowledge Translation Self Assessment Tool for Research Institutes (SATORI). Therefore, the center transfers the information about the "Knowledge Translation of this Center" to stakeholders through various parts of this site. In addition, the following actions are taken in this regard:

The researches that lead to the production of "Actionable message" with a high level of evidence, such as systematic review or activities for production of clinical guidelines are research priorities.

In research proposals (that the users are service providers, managers, policymakers, patients groups or community), funding for the publication of results (other than publication in scientific journals or in conference proceedings) is considered.

This center provides appropriate context for implementation of related researches by communication with the users of research results (managers and policy makers).

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