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Shohadaye Haft-e Tir Hospital

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Shohadaye Haft-e Tir Hospital


Haft-e-Tir hospital was constructed in 1962 with a cost of 170 million Rials and began activity in 1966. The initial capacity of the hospital was 150 beds, and that was one of the modern and equipped hospitals in the country. Now, Shohadaye Haft-e Tir Hospital provides services to all accident and non-accident injuries as the only trauma center in southern Tehran, according to high standards of the Public Health Ministry. The mission of this center is to train experts and complete useful, applied research.

In accordance with its ability and use of the most advanced technology and experts in trauma, this Hospital provides high quality and quantity services to their customers and also develops their services in order to provide tranquility and satisfaction in medical tourism.



Inpatient Department

ICU 1-4, CCU, Cardiology

Operating Room

Surgery, Neurosurgery, Emergency


Orthopedics, Internal Medicine, Infectious, Dialysis

Para Clinic

Portable Radiology, CT Scan, Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, Ultrasound, Medical Equipments

Educational Department

Emergency Medicine, Forensic Medicine, Radiotherapy


Number of staff

Faculty Members


Para Clinic







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