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Mental Health & Behavioral Sciences

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School of Behavioral Sciences & Mental Health




In 1977, the School of Behavioral Sciences launched its activities by residency training programs with the educational, research, and treatment aims to provide necessary specialists for the country’s mental health network.

This center was renamed to Tehran Psychiatric Institute (TPI), under management of the Tehran Health District. In 1986, TPI was included in Iran University of Medical Sciences.

Performing national and international activities and meeting the criteria, TPI was elected as a World Health Organization (WHO) collaborating center for Mental Health in 1997. This accreditation continued for four perods.

This school was recognized as a center of excellence in psychiatry and psychology training in 2001 by the Educational Deputy of the Ministry of Public Health, and finally changed its name to the School of Behavioral Sciences and Mental Health.

It will be the first reference of the country to provide and improve the country’s mental health and be a first-hand consultant of the policy maker’s organizations.


IUMS School of Behavioral Sciences and Mental Health accepts international students in the following programs.






Clinical Psychology




Community Psychiatry




Mental Health








Iran Mental Health Research Network

It is a collection of research, educational, governmental and non-governmental institutes which are established for the purpose

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