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Vice Chancellor for Health

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Vice Chancellor for Health

The Vice Chancellor for Health is responsible for planning, directing, and supervising the health centres in Tehran (regions: 2,5,6,9,18,21 and 22) and Mallard, Quods, Shariyar, Bahrestan, and Robat Karim.The office is also responsible for recognizingpresent and future health care needs of the population undercover, supervising the health care services rendered at the first and second levels, as well as referring patients to higher- level services, improving the quality of services, and solving health problems of society. This office is in charge of planning the expansion of health care centres, providing easy access to these services, running studies to detect the endemic, epidemiologic, and regional diseases, identifying and classifying health problems of the region cover, developing and performing related applied research, supplying the needs of the affiliated health centres and supervising their functions, collecting, classifying and analysing data needed for health programs.


The office of vice chancellor for health pursues the following goals: 

  • Benefit the whole community from qualitative, safety, effectively and efficiency health care services and evidence based health management
  • Providing and sustaining finance of health care and services.
  • Financial protecting of people against health costs in accordance with the laws of the country.
  • Promoting accountability and increasing the satisfaction level of services to recipients and providers.
  • The quality improvement in plan, coordinate and monitor the health care services.
  • Improve the ability of directors, managers and employees with optimum use of resources,
  • Develop a comprehensive system of data management, information and communication,
  • Increase the capacity and create a framework for conducting applied research.





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