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Vice Chancellor for Student and Cultural Affairs

 | Post date: 2017/06/18 | 

Vice Chancellor for Student and Cultural Affairs

The main mission of this Vice Chancellor is to protect students’ right and provide for the nurturing of their creativity and dormant social and physical talents. M means preparing the students for their responsibilities in society, workplace, and undertaking a dynamic family life. In line with these goals, the Office tries to provide welfare services, facilitating extracurricular athletic and artistic student activities, scientific and sightseeing tours, and student celebrations.

It is also responsible for the main strategies of the university. Welfare and student-related affairs are run under the supervision of the Student Council, while cultural activities of the office are performed under the supervision of the Cultural Council, consisting of the managers of the Office and students representatives.

According to the contents of Islamic Republic of Iran’s 1404 vision, a dynamic pioneering society is necessary in scientific arenas.



Major Tasks:

- Assessing ofstudents' personal and social development through specialist staff available to provide intellectual support

- Monitoringand supervising activities, including physical education, health, self-service, welfare, and student dormitory

- Makingdecisions on matters of student discipline

- Ensuring theproper execution of tasks by applying the direct supervision of subordinate units.

- Developing religious culture and ideology in the academicians’ lives.

- Improving the research-oriented spirit among academicians and their cultural needs.


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